As a kitchen and bath designer, it is important to the success of my business to maintain a high level of customer service with my clients.  For that reason, working with Stone Edge has proved to be a great match in both the importance we both place on keeping out clients happy and in maintaining a high level of quality workmanship.  Stone Edge plays a significant role in all kitchen and bath projects I am involved in as they are, in most cases, the final step in the renovation process.  Whether it is dealing with natural stone or man-made material, the countertop ties the whole look together.  It is in most cases that the installation of the countertop becomes the most exciting part of renovation, the final touch.  From Stone Edge's sales staff to their installers, it is evident that customer service is top priority. 

Eleanor Bouchard
Kitchen and Bath Designer


Whether you’re moving into a new home or want to spice up your current living space, here are the decorating trends and tips to get your home in style for 2009!

Contrasting Combinations

Contrast colours and textures like smooth against rough add a touch of the unexpected to your décor. If you’re looking for a theme, try black and white. These colours work well for almost any room, and can be enhanced with bold colours such as red, blue, green, and even metallics.

The Multi-Functional Home

For today’s on the go lifestyle, home décor needs to be multi-functional in addition to being stylish. Look for furniture and decorative accessories that will make your everyday life easier and more organized.

Luxurious Leather

No matter how big or small your living space may be there’s always room to add leather furniture or accessories! Consider using colours like chocolate brown, light camel, and even rust for a contemporary and sophisticated look.

Go Green

The tendency toward green living is showing no signs of letting up, and our homes will play a major part in illustrating this trend. Earth-friendly materials, such as recycled plastics, reclaimed wood, and natural, organic fibres will play a large part in décor.

Velvet Pillows

One of the easiest ways to add luxury to a room is with a few velvet or suede pillows. During the spring and summer, try pastels and lighter colours. In the fall and winter switch to dark reds, purple, green, and chocolate brown.

Create Space

The notion of creating a feeling of “space” indoors is growing. This means getting rid of unnecessary walls, creating balconies off of rooms and adding large windows to bring in more natural light and open up a room.

Oversized Furniture

Make your living space ultra comfortable with overstuffed couches, extra-large mirrors, and big lamps.

True Blue

The year's biggest colour trend is blue – and not just any blue, but the blue of Earth as seen from space. This is a result of the green living trend and because of a move away from more neutral colours.

Cultural Influence

With the 2008 Olympics being held in China, there has been a lot of Asian influence in décor. Much of this is taken from China, India and Japan. Main and accent colours include bright reds, magentas, purples, pumpkin oranges, peacock, turquoise, jade greens and royal blues.

Precious Metals

While chrome and stainless have been very popular for several years, there has been a move toward brushed copper and brass, as well as gold accents.

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